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Classes & Workshops

  • Use the below online form to register for classes and workshops.
  • You may also download the Art Departure PDF form and print out.
  • Payment can be mailed or paid in person on 1st day of class or workshop.
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Cancellation Policy

In order to make our tuition payment process run more smoothly and ensure the livelihood of our teachers, we have made some changes to our policies:

-   Semester Commitment:  Once students are enrolled, there is a semester commitment (fall semester runs from mid-August to mid-December and Spring semester runs from January to mid June.  Our calendar is based on the current LAUSD calendar).  If there is an extenuating circumstance that requires withdrawal before the end of the semester, then we request a month’s notice, so that teacher staffing may be adjusted.

-   Installment payments instead of monthlyWe will now be asking students/families to pay the semester tuition in installments, instead of monthly.  We will offer the choice of one or two payments per semester.  Please see pricing breakdown for amounts and dates due.  If there is financial need, and this arrangement does not work for your family, please contact Jaye directly to set up a plan.  I definitely want to make it work for everyone!