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Classes & Workshops

Creative classes for kids and adults of all abilities and disabilities.
We are here to lift your creative spirit so that you can soar!



"My philosophy is that art means different things to different people, and all of us can benefit from taking time to use our hands, get a little dirty and be creative! Remember, there are no mistakes in art, only problem solving opportunities...  Great artists are great thinkers!"

Jaye Weiner,


Signature Classes

  • Embark on Creativity: 1.5 hour weekly class
    This fun, weekly class does a little bit of everything, from drawing and painting to sculpture, with lots of problem solving thrown in for a challenge. Student curriculum is differentiated and founded in "Choice-Based Art Education," which is an approach that fosters authentic artistic exploration and growth in individual students, while teaching skill at relevant moments based on student's developmental needs. Our teachers are student-focused, responsive and highly creative with a flair for honing in on individual needs. This class is inclusive of all abilities and developmental stages. Appropriate for ages 8-Adult.

  • Fun with Art: 1 hour weekly class
    This weekly class focuses on art exploration in 2D and 3D creative projects. Students will paint on canvas, learn beginning watercolor techniques, and draw every week. Beginning sculpture techniques like air dry clay and papier mache' will also provide creative opportunities to learn. Students will work simultaneously on the same project, but each artist can personalize in their own way with color and style. This class is inclusive of all abilities and developmental stages. Appropriate for ages 3-8.

  • Mixed Media Creativity (Adults): 2 hour weekly class
    Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned artist, we provide an inspirational retreat for your studio time. Like the Embark on Creativity Class described above, each student works on individual projects and differentiated goals. Many choose to paint in varied mediums like oils, acrylics and watercolors, while others discover shading pencils and charcoal. It's up to you! The instructor Miss Jaye will guide you through your medium of choice and help you to progress along at your own pace. She teaches both classic and contemporary methods for traditional and mixed media art, and encourages each student to find a creative and personalized means for processing through each piece.

  • Saturday Mixed-Ages - Fun with Art, Therapeutic Arts

Ages:  Kids and Adults please call  (818) 992-4604,  for details on ages and availability

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Class Schedule


Student art show 2018

Coming May 4th!

Kids Student Art Show 2019

Our students of all ages and abilities are creating beautiful art to showcase in our Gallery!